The Barn

Barnfest 2023

Sunday - October 15 -  12-6pm

Anna & Micky Zion Rodman

The Turn Makes U Wanna

The Barndawgs The Potato Shakers

Deb & Steve Berke Michael Dinallo

Special Thank you to: 

Christian Colegrove, Sean Witty, Aaron Weitekamp, Travis & The Family Jarrett

What to Bring?

The Baker Music Barn is a collective of amateur and professional musicians who gather at The Barn to create music, collaborate with other musicians, record and perform live music.

Sound Check with Zion...

Donations to Barnfest 2023 are greatly appreciated!

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Humble beginnings starting with an 1880's barn built by George Baker

Barnfest 2022

The first Barnfest was so much fun we decided to do it again!

Ladder access only

Heat? What heat?

Play upbeat songs to stay warm

Lighting is everything